Meram Saá  (Argentina 1963) 

In her work the feminine is imposed as an inexhaustible source of inspiration, moving away from the standards of conventional contemporary beauty. Her sculptures address the theme of women and their environment, in a permanent experimentation with different materials and their possible combinations. Wood, iron, cardboard, all kinds of debris from everyday life, she searches for them, gathers them, takes them apart, cuts and rejoins them and sometimes mixes them, until the shapes emerge, modeling and aligning themselves naturally. Primary forms, which are repeated, sometimes lead to abstract and others to figurative artworks, but always referring to nature and thus turning them into timeless symbols. 

After developing a career in Advertising and then in theater, she found her means of expression in art, specifically sculpture. 

Since 1996 she has exhibited mainly in Uruguay and Argentina in collective and individual exhibitions, in which she stands out for a stimulating installation proposal for the senses, in which the viewer is involved through games of light, shadow and sound.