Black Gallery is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2014, representing seminal Uruguayan artists as well as preeminent mid-career and emerging artists who dialogue with the currents put forth by these historical figures. Founded and directed by Mercedes Sader and Patricia Fernández Graña, the gallery has consistently fomented innovative curatorial practice while upholding the utmost quality in art production. This has actively been put into practice through a select exhibitions program created in close collaboration with its artists; a platform for production and continued support to artists beyond the gallery space.
Black Gallery is committed to preserving the legacy of historical figures and encouraging the practice of emerging and established artists both locally and internationally. Black Gallery exhibits the work of its artists in its house in Pueblo Garzón and in international art fairs, fulfilling its mission to participate in the art world in an active and influential way.

José Risso, Pueblo Garzón Serie, 2014

Why Garzón

Garzón is a town with magic. It is in the light that gives a special shine to each thing; in the sounds of the town, of children in the hammock at the square, of footsteps walking through its cobbled streets, birds and horses. The atmosphere feels like a pleasant summer nap. Space and time together. Clocks do not set paces. The cadence is unique and ideal for enjoying nature, good food, slow conversation and, particularly, art.
In 2014 we made a quite impulsive decision full of dreams: to open a contemporary art gallery in Pueblo Garzón.
The challenge of exhibiting up-to-date Uruguayan art in a place like Garzón was huge: a small town of less than 200 inhabitants, in the middle of the countryside, between gentle hills, streams and creeks, where there is no pharmacy, no gas station, no bank, no…
It is truly a great, inspiring and relaxing place. Sharing quality art has become a reality. Three international art galleries and an art foundation and artists residence have not changed the essence or identity of the town.
For visitors, the motto is to leave mottos aside.
Be surprised.
Enjoy time and space, feel it on your skin.
We are waiting for you.