María Maggiori (Argentina, 1975) reveals in her works a journey through imaginary lands, a new cartography of the world, where nature in black and white is a dreamlike, mysterious and disturbing space, as well as strangely known.

In her artistic practice she deals with drawing, painting, installation and performance.With deep training in art and design mainly in France and Argentina, brush drawing is her most natural form of expression: the subtle lines of a language close to oriental traditions, tell us about a time almost stopped, laborious and in tune with this present.

Since 2013 Maggiori has participated in individual and collective exhibitions, also highlighting her participation in the Osaka Biennial in Japan and the Bienalsur in Argentina and France, as well as the scholarship for the Creation of the National Arts Fund and the scholarship for residency at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, in Venice, Italy.