Foto: Rafael Lejtreger

Pablo Uribe  (Uruguay 1962) works with signs. 

The central axis of his practice is the “system” of art itself: art history, the museum, collections, exhibition techniques, authorship, original and copy. He seeks to generate space for an active spectator, receiver of multiple references and cross-dating set in motion through simple assembly operations. He works his projects in different media such as video installation, editing and site-specific interventions. 

Uribe studied architecture and visual arts. He has made numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Sweden, Venezuela, Italy, France, Germany and the United States. 

Participated in the residences FEFCA Creation Grant [Ministry of Education and Culture] Montevideo, Uruguay, 2014; Latin American Roaming Art [LARA]. Honda, Tolima, Colombia, 2012; Le Pavé dans la Mare GalleryBesançon, France, 2003. He represented Uruguay on several occasions, among which are: 53rd Venice Biennale; Outside! Art in Public Spaces, Córdoba, Argentina; II and IV Biennial of Mercosur, Porto Alegre, Brazil; Biennial of Engraving of Buenos Aires; VII Biennial of Havana, Cuba; International Biennial of Banners, Mexico; V Biennial Vento Sul, Curitiba, Brazil.